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This is the region least known to international tourists. Comprising six districts that touch the Tibetan border in the north and go all the way down south to the sweltering plains in the Indian state of Assam, the variety ai??i?? be it landscapes or climatic zones or ethnic tribes or indigenous customs and traditions or wildlife ai??i?? cannot get any better. It is the homeland of the famous Bhutanese textile, the original of the nomads called Brokpa, and the birding capital of the world, to name a few.

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Main Attractions

The Garden of Rhododendrons at Thrumshingla pass, the Yongkala-Lingmithang stretch known as the worldai??i??s birding capital, the ruins of Zhongar fortress, the exquisite Kishutahra weaving at Khoma, the sacred site at Gomphu Kora, Bumdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, the Circumambulation Stupa at Chorten Kora, Trashigang castle-fortress, Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary which some consider is the worldai??i??s only habitat of Yeti.