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National Emblem of Bhutan is a circle decorated with lotus petal where a projecting double diamond thunderbolt representing the harmony between secular and religious power, placed above the lotus, symbolizing purity. The jewels, in the hands of the Dragon represents the sovereign power and the Dragon (male and female) stands for the country, protected under the parasol the umbrella of dharma.

National Flag of Bhutan is in rectangle in shape, which is divided into diagonally half. The upper yellow signifies the secular power and the authority of the king while the lower saffron-orange symbolizes the religion and the power of Buddhism. Dragon is for country and white symbolizes purity and loyalty of the people.

Raven (Corvus corax) is the national bird of Bhutan, depicted on the crown of the king as representative of Gonpo Jarodongchen (raven headed Mahakla), one of the chief guardian deities of Bhutan.

Bue Poppy (Meconopsis grandis) locally knkown as Euithpel Metog Hoem is the national flower of Bhutan. Growing to a height of 1 meter, it is quite rare to find it if you do not trek for days in the upper Himalayas of Bhutan.

Takin, (burdorcas taxicolor whitei) this is one of the rarest and funny looking species of mammals on earth as per most of the guest. They live in groups above 4000 meters in summer and lowers down in winter to about 2700 meters for grazing. Because of the rarity and getting extinct, it is adopted as the National animal so that it is protected.

Cypress (Cupressus corneyana) is our national tree, commonly found nearby the fortress, monasteries and temples. Because of the good ordure it has been using as incense for a long time and it is still in use.