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Festivals in Bhutan is colorful, joyous affairs. The main event – Tshechu held in Thimphu and Paro are most popular for tourists. But those who are seeking for more intimate Bhutan experience should avoid these major festivals as those days are the busiest time of the year for the tourism industry in Bhutan. Air tickets and hotel accommodation are quite difficult to acquire and all major sites see larger numbers of visitors on those days.

During Tshechu, masked and sword dances and other rituals are performed in the Dzong courtyard and temples. The program is combination of colors, music and dancing. The local villagers and town folk dressed in their finest clothes and join together to exorcise evil spirits and rejoice in a new harvest. Tourists are allowed into the Dzongs to watch these spectacular cultural event. Photography is allowed for this event.

Most of the dance events and are only performed once or twice every year. Each dance has its own spiritual importance and can be performed by monks or villagers who dressed in bright costumes. Certain festivals ends with the worship of huge religious appliqué or Throngdrels.