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All of Bhutan’s rivers tumble down mountainsides until they reach the vast plains of India and drain into the Bay of Bengal. Originating from the Himalayan glaciers and snow-fed lakes, they are pure, pristine and unpolluted foams of white and blue falling in waves over boulders and cliffs as they pass through dense forests, small towns, farms and villages. For these reasons, for those who are inclined towards adventure, rafting or kayaking in Bhutan is the ultimate adrenaline-pumping challenge. Almost all the rivers are ideal but only a few are opened for rafting/kayaking considering safety and easy access.

The Pho Chu, with its approximately 16-kilometer course with about 15 rapids of class II-IV, is the most popular for rafting/kayaking in Bhutan followed by the Mo Chu with its 10-kilometer course comprising around 10 rapids with 2- 2+ rapids.